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A Dynamic Team of Solution-Seekers Creating Meaningful Impact

A Robust Assembly of Industry Experts

At Ampion Group, we are ready to assist with all types of project management as daily practitioners in their field of expertise. We hire only the most knowledgeable and experienced personnel to serve as our support staff. From the first inquiry to the final delivery, our team is available to help our clients find the solutions that are right for their individual needs.

Our core focus areas represent what our team is about: how we work, tackle issues, and make a positive difference.


  • R: Relationships  are at the center of our values. Only through our relationship with each other can we meet the common goal of serving our clients wherever and whenever the need arises.
  • I: Integrity must be a core value of every individual who is a part of our team. We can rise above the fray only when we hold ourselves and each other to such a gold standard.
  • S: Service to others is our calling. It's the reason we stay even when the crisis is over. 
  • E: Excellence is promised, regardless of the assignment, the client, or the individual, and you can be assured excellence is what we expect. 

Knowledge & Experience

Ampion's Network of Experts is among the industry's most qualified, highly trained, and best-equipped professionals. Every team member must continually R.I.S.E. to meet the challenges and expectations to be one of our Champions. These are just a few of the things we look for when recruiting excellent team members:

  • Knowledge and documented experience in insurance adjusting and estimating.
  • Proficiency in industry standards and adjusting software.  
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
  • Ability to maintain a consistent workflow and meet expectations on time.

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