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Staffing Needs

Our team of appraisers provides thorough, unbiased inspections, and detailed reports on the valuation.

Our Expertise & Talent

Ampion Delivers

Ampion Group is the trusted partner for insurance carriers, offering tailored staffing solutions during critical times. Our industry expertise ensures we provide skilled professionals promptly, ensuring carriers meet their obligations and maintain excellent service, even in challenging situations.

Our Network of Experts

Ampion Consulting Network is a robust assembly of industry experts ready to assist with all types of project management as daily practitioners in their field of expertise. Easily integrate with industry-leading technology platforms and Ampion’s communication protocols designed for high performance.

  • Automotive
  • Aviation  
  • Property
  • Catastrophe Management
  • Dispute Resolution Services
  • Construction Building Claims
  • Marine and Tankers
  • Oil Spills
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Crane & Derrick
  • Forestry
  • Product Liability

What Our Customers Say

"Your team is always responsive to any questions I have, they keep me informed and they consistently provide a quality product that includes detailed notes regarding their observations. I firmly believe that Ampion hires some of the most amazing people for the job. Every interaction is professional, and our customers are always impressed with the way Ampion appraisers address concerns during the appraisal inspection. Thank you for all you do. "

Top 5 Insurance Carrier

"I feel like you do not hear it enough. You are the best and you hire the best…there was a small survey done to find out what vendors are preferred…My whole team cannot stop singing your praises in every state we us your appraisers. The product is quality, the updates are timely, if we need something or have questions on what the Ampion appraiser is seeing regarding damages or coverage they are quick to respond and a pleasure to work with. Wish we had more vendors like you. "

Executive Leadership
Top 5 Insurance Carrier