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Your Champion in Specialty Claims Management & Dispute Resolutions

Unlock your insurance company's full potential with our specialized and tailored solutions designed to drive success in today's dynamic and ever-evolving landscape. Discover how our cutting-edge strategies and expertise can propel your business forward and ensure you thrive amidst industry challenges.

At a Glance

$4 Billion

Executive Team: Overseen more than $4 Billion in Indemnity Payments

100+ Years

Unparalleled Expertise: Over 100 Years of Combined Insurance Claims Experience

Empowering Restoration, Inspiring Confidence

At Ampion Group, we specialize in assisting insurance companies and their clients in the recovery process after a loss. We understand that when a disaster strikes, the impact can be devastating, causing both emotional and financial distress. Our dedicated team is here to provide comprehensive support and expertise, ensuring a smooth and efficient restoration of normalcy.


Motivated by Doing the Right Thing

We are driven by a steadfast commitment to doing the right thing for our clients; it's not just a mantra, it's ingrained in our culture. From the moment we engage with a client to the final delivery of our services, our values guide every decision we make. We believe that integrity, transparency, and client-centricity are the keys to building lasting and meaningful relationships. 

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